SIN DNA – The Iconoclast + Interview


“The Iconoclast” by SIN DNA is a gem in my current
musical arsenal. Setting the bar extremely high with their
first audio assault, “Afterlife”, it was
surprising to hear their followup, “Revelate”, up
the bar even higher.  No surprise that their latest ep,
“The Iconoclast”, pushes the quality songwriting
and music production to further heights.  Four brand
new original tracks and three equally satisfying remixes for
a total of seven tracks running at about 39 minutes
long.  The first tracks, “Hellbound” and
“Anima Igni” are heavy, fast (both around 140 BPM), and
super aggressive. “World Burner”
is a seething hate anthem that slows it down a bit to around
90 BPM letting the track breath with more room to add nice
textures and industrial soundscapes that build as the
song plays on, a must hear with headphones to get that
amazing use of the stereo field. Title track,
“The Iconoclast”, ups the tempo slightly
from the last track giving us a steady and stompy groove
with soft gentle pad sounds in between
bright melodies. All the tracks change up
pace a little and add percussion patterns that demand to be
heard, all the while maintaining perfected structuring and
catchy melodies.  The additional clean vocals from
Sergio Ramirez on “Anima Igni” and “World
Burner” go perfectly in contrast with the harsh growls
of Mario Carrasco, showing that SIN DNA is not afraid to
step outside any boxes. Kriminal Mind’s
remix of “Hellbound” is an intense dancefloor
killer that will have you jumping and pumping, a great
straightforward hard dance remix. Disorder Faith
remixes “The Iconoclast” and adds some lush
choir sounds and melodies in between hitting you
with hard beats and razor sharp notes that keep you on your
feet. Finally, there is the lethal apocalypse
remix of “World Burner” from the distinctive
sound of God Destruction.  This one is faster and of
course, satanic as a motherfucker, with loud blasts of kick
and snare alongside the harps of demons, doing it how only
God Destruction can.  The packaging for the cd is
beautiful. A six-panel digipak with deeply haunting insert
art from Mistertrece and sharp, to-the-point cover and
layout by Yeyo Design.  It also includes all the
lyrics!  This album is a must have for those of us who
like it dark and venomous. With music this good, surely, the
Devil is not the only one standing beside SIN DNA. Released
by Paragon Poison Media.

I was recently granted the opprtuniity to talk with Mario
about his latest ep as well as a little bit of randomness.

When you are first starting to write a track, do you have a specific goal as to how you want the end result to sound? 
(Mario) Maybe a general idea but we really just let ideas flow and take shape.  The BPM we start the track with sets the pace. Most tracks are usually started with a beat and bassline. Once those two elements are strong enough we build from there, adding and removing elements as we see fit.

  I find Sergio’s vocals to be a wonderful counterbalance to yours on the tracks “World Burner” and “Anima Igni”. How did his clean vocals come about for this release? 
(Sergio) I decided to add vocals because it felt like the right time to grow of musically. We want people to know that we are here to stay, threw progression and will!
And that is what world burner is all about-us setting the world on fire musically, through aggression, beats and chaos.

You told me a few days ago that you like to use a little bit of hardware for each track. What was your favorite piece of hardware used for the making of “The Iconoclast”? What makes hardware so satisfying to use? 
(Sergio) This whole EP was designed with a mixture of hardware and software. Mario and I decided to create it this way purposely before we even began to write any of it. Some of our favorite hardware used -Access virus polar TI and the Moog Slim Phatty. Combined with software like Sylenth by Lennar Digital, Spectra Sonics Trillion amongst many others. This combination is what lead us to a harsher, warmer, more bold sound. It feels great to work in this style; It’s more hands-on therefore in my opinion more creative. Expect this in our full-length release projected for fall/winter 2015

 “The Iconoclast” is the first release for Paragon Poison Media. What can we expect in the near future? 
(Mario) As Sergio mentioned we are working on a full length and plan to release it before this year ends. After that there might be a chance of another two bands putting out material through Paragon Poison Media. Time will tell

  I was happy to find lyrics to all the songs included with the cd digipak. The lyrics to “Anima Igni” are fairly dark and disturbing (but in a good way). Does horror in films inspire any ideas for you? 
(Mario) Yes definitely.  Not only from the horror genre but many types of films. We decided to add lyrics because it adds another dimension to the music when you can read exactly what the song is about.

 I saw a music video for an older track, “No God”, that had images from the most fucked up movie I’ve ever seen, called “A Serbian Film”. What is the most pleasantly disturbing film you have ever seen?
(Mario) Haha! That is a crazy movie. I don’t know maybe Alejandro Jodorowsky’s’ Santa Sangre or Holy Mountain.  Or it could well be A Serbian Film. Not sure there are many crazy films out there.

  I know you are a big fan of black metal. Which group has always had a real impact on you musically? 
(Mario)If I had to pick it would have to be Satyricon. Their earlier works have to be some of the best black metal albums every released.  The combination of all their musical elements creates such a grim atmosphere. Definitely a big influence

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview!
Thank you for the conversation! I look forward to all your future endeavors!

-Justin Thiele


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