Synapsyche (Italy)


  1. What was your first record you bought?

(Marco Katatronik): It was 1995, I think, when I bought with my savings Michael Jackson’s “HIStory”! He was an icon for me, and he inspired me to become a singer when I was a kid. A great artist indeed. I know every single note and word by heart about that release!
(Stefano Mannequinetik): My first album bought with my money was “The War On Errorism” by NoFX. And I still like punk-rock!

2. Where did the bands name come from? And a short story about the band.

The name is obviously the fusion of the words “synapse” and “psyche”; it came out a night when we drank lots of beer, searching for a name that could suggest something “mind-twisted” and “electric” at the same time… So thank you beer! We fuckin’ love our name!
Synapsyche is born in the late 2008 by the mastermind Stefano “Mannequinetik” and the singer Marco “Katatronik”, with the intent to create a powerful electro-industrial/EBM project with aggrotech features, nihilist furious harsh vocals and original lyrics to celebrate the vice and decadence. In the end of 2012 Synapsyche join the Gothic World Records’ compilation “Dunkle Frequenzen Vol. 1 – Premium Edition” with the brand new song “Zeroin”; few months later (january 31st 2013) the self-produced EP “Wait/Hate” is out: acclaimed and soon spread on the underground scene, it’s actually available for free download on the Bandcamp page. In december 19th 2014 Synapsyche releases “Crashdown Connected”, the long-awaited and still hot first full-length, an ambitious concept-album of 13 devastating tracks, actually available as limited edition CD and for digital download. A new single entitled “Breath Control” is released in March 2015, appeared in a compilation by Alfa Matrix Records as appetiser for the new EP “Meds”, out very soon. All over the years the band also worked for some remix tracks and played many astonishing shows, included as supporting act for [x]-Rx and FGFC820.

  1. When did you start playing live – and what or who were your early passions and influences?

(Marco Katatronik): I became a singer (clean vocals at the time) in 2002, for a rock cover band… I thought I was the best singer in the world, since I listened to my own performance, which convinced me to take lessons for 2 years! I mentioned as my first inspiration Michael Jackson, and then great animal singers as Freddie Mercury, Axl Rose, Bruce Dickinson. My only true passion is music, since I was a child: no doubt about it.
(Stefano Mannequinetik): I started to play live as bassist in 2005 for a rock band, but I study music (as piano player) since 1995. I listen to so much music, even incompatible genres, but my first EBM track I fell in love with was “Destillat (VNV Nation remix)” by Das Ich, together with Combichrist and Hocico works…

  1. What gave you that initial push?

(Marco Katatronik): It was at school, during the celebration for the academy year’s end… A band of friends played some songs (bad) that day, and I started to daydream about becoming an appreciated singer, a respected and praised music star! And so I started…well I still have that dream anyway!

(Stefano Mannequinetik): At school too! Middle school when, during the music lesson I saw the first MIDI software-sequencer… I was impressed by its infinite chances, though it was “primordial”. Everything began that day for me.

  1. What are currently your main challenges as a music producer? What is it about producing your own music, that makes it interesting for you?

Everything is chanllenge in music production, especially for this genre. So not only good performers and entertainers, but we must be complete figures, from lyrics to arrangements, sound synthesis, recording, mixing, mastering, promotion and distribution of our products, as well as sound technicians, stage technicians, studio technicians, car drivers and our own managers, graphic designers… and all inside an already overfilled market and into an underpopulated skeptical scene. The secret is just to think about amusement and the message we want to send. The most interesting side is to write and play songs that have a real meaning for us and could have a meaning (maybe different, nevermind) for people too, not just same-old dancefloor hits. That’s the reason why we have lyrics in our songs.

  1. Which countries have you played/put parties on?

Only Italy, at this time. This is because we started late to play live… First of all we wanted to record more tracks for a setlist; we also wanted to buy more professional instruments and gears for a great live show (we don’t pretend, we really play live), in addition to a nice look! Actually responses are amazing for our live shows… so we are waiting for your calls out of Italy too!

  1. What’s the best event you’ve played at/put on?

Many events were amazing, everyone increased our professionalism, our experience, and everyone had its funny moments! We shared the stage with great bands as FGFC820 and X-Rx and that’s incredible for us indeed… Anyway, we had a top fucking blast in Rimini, March 2014: many people flocked from afar and they were totally crazy for us that night… and we got crazy too! And no technical problems, nice work by the sound technician, much alcohol! And the feeling with the crowd… that event was outstanding, almost perfect!

  1. What’s your favourite song or band of all time?

This is really an impossible question to answer… We listen to so many music genres…. Anyway, our favourite EBM bands (actually) are Grendel, Combichrist, Noisuf-X, Amduscia, Aesthetic Perfection, but we also love different acts as HIM, Rammstein, Placebo, Cradle Of Filth, Nightwish and the great Johann Sebastian Bach.

  1. So how is the music scene in your eyes at the moment?

In our eyes we see the situation in Italy, and it’s not comforting. Italian EBM scene doesn’t exist, only some fan events for fan people, for the most part. Very few bands, very low interest, very low support. We still hope things gonna be better, especially with something honest and authentic, not just as underground fashion shows for alternative clothes and stuff or as freak shows for self-righteous meddlers.

  1. Funniest thing that ever happened at an event?

Every event is fun for us, otherwise we don’t come under the events. Some favourite moments during the gig are when Marco screams to the people asking something to them, and they answer sometimes vulgarly or comically! So hilarious! …and of course, every backstage aftershow time is lots of fun, we’re all set and we lack for nothing!

  1. If you could stage a party/gig anywhere, where would you choose?

Germany, no doubt. The home of industrial music! Out there concerts and events of electro-industrial music are everywhere, it sounds like the promise land! Anyway, we’d love to play in all the countries where our kind of music is considered as a real “genre”. So, probably every country except for Italy.

  1. How do you see the scene 5 years from now?

About the italian scene, we hope in 5 years to have a real one! About the world scene, we think EBM as a kind of music in continuous development, so we think it will be probably a bit different from now, don’t know if in a better way but we feel confident about it!

  1. If you had a time machine what year would you go back to and why?

Easy answer: 80s! Not exactly for the music itself, and not for the evolution of many genres that marked out those years… but because of the consideration! To play and to live in times when musicians were real stars, appreciated and praised as idols, wow! Fuck yes! You know, we love to talk about vices and excesses in our lyrics, and maybe that’s because deep inside we are inspired by those years in music.

  1. Favorite Lyrics?

(Marco Katatronik): I really love lyrics when there’s something more hidden and generally I love sad or angry themes, probably because I’m kinda smooth person and I need to unload my frustrations somehow. I also love many concept-albums, when songs are bound together by the same contents or as a story, and I have the specific intention to always do that too, in Synapsyche lyrics. I’d like people to find something more in our music, not only the base or the heavy beats (essentials, anyway).

(Stefano Mannequinetik): about Marco’s lyrics, I really like “Zeroin” and “ I.mag.o E.dite.d”, but new great lyrics are coming soon… For worldwide songs, it’s difficult to answer because translating foreign languages it’s inevitable to lose something in feeling and appeal. About italian lyrics, I’m in love with the song “La Cura” by Franco Battiato.

  1. One thing you would change about the current local music scene?

(Marco Katatronik): we’d like to change italian mentality, though we know it’s impossible. Common people are fascinated by the horrible songs they hear accidentally in radio or music channels, charmed by disposable fashion artists and close-minded on everything different from what they see and listen to commonly. But even the so-called “alternative” people of the scene are not much better, snubbing their own italian bands just because they’re italian, not supporting gigs if there aren’t impressive after-parties, disapproving the few events for every little wrong detail instead of enjoying the rare chances to listen, dance and have good times with some different music. We hope in a turnabout, but the truth is sadly worse year after year. Let’s see what future brings.
(Stefano Mannequinetik): We would also want to change perception about the meaning of “electronic music”: wake up, it’s music too! And if you try to compose this kind of music, you’re gonna realize you need maybe more notions than making “true rock’n’roll” songs, especially about arrangements and recording. This suspicion was really born in 80’s, that’s the most bizarre thing! So we don’t need art critics, we need to learn to accept all art!

Interview by Dj Dark Modulator

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