T – Error Machinez – Interview

The War Of The Valkyries


Album: The War Of Valkyres
Country: Italy
Genre: EBM/Industrial
Label: Mechanized-Digital
Release Date: 25 August 2015

Get your copy: https://goo.gl/I9lvBl

The project T-Error Machinez was born during the start of 2013 with Manuel Curti as the founder and under the name Mechanical T-Error-X and Mirko Caputa, also known as Ausgebrannts T-Error Gottlos Infekt.

Manuel, before starting this project, he was part of a Symphonic/ Gothic Black Metal dual band, which name was Black Blood, and was composed by him and a classmate of his called Michael Cuollo.
The Black Blood project however didn’t lasted longer as during the composing process of the album Michael quitted the project and Manuel decided to complete the White Rose album that they composed eniterly with a computer.

1. Thanks for your time. Can you introduce the band?
My band/project was born in 2013 with Mirko Caputa the ex member also know as Ausgebrant T-Error Gottlos Infekt. I’m Mechanical T-Error-X the vocalist and composer of this project. We decided to create this project because we loved electronic and ebm music. We have composed three albums: Alert System; Macabre Dance And The Fool And The Saint and one single The Funeral of Lost Souls. However due a technical problem and some problem I decide to start a solo carrier and I don’t published the three albums due a software problem. In 2014 I’ve started to work on my official album The War Of The Valkyries, The T-Error Machinez project not just music but rather contains a very specific message that is enclosed with the various songs that I made and that will compose the new lineup.

2. What’s means T-Error Machinez?
T-Error Machinez means machine of terror because I mix various genres in one specific song or more specific songs.
T-Error is the specific name for describe the horror theat is the world, because the human is an error of the system and the movie matrix explains this. The human is a machine because it tries to show the intelligence technology and causing wars for power and the conquest of the territories but knowing that you remain still an animal. Machinez is the specific name for describe the future because we find ourselves in a world robotic belonging to one industry of mechanics, governed by ourselves in the form of machinery, capable only of giving orders and not help the most with one another.

3. In your album “The War Of The Valkyries” tell about your influence for this?
In my official album “The War Of The Valkyries” have much influences and are: Industrial, Dark Electro, EBM, Black Metal, Harsh, SynthPop/FuturePop and Orchestral. The bands who influenced me are: Behemoth for the song “The Black Sun” because I like so much black metal music and my favourite bands of this genre are Behemoth, Nargaroth, Darktrhone and Satanic Warmaser; Grendel for the song “The End of Human Time” because I like Harsh/Industrial genre and the futuristic texts, but I put it to this speaking of today’s society and the decline of human and the italian band Synapsyche for the noise/harsh and velocity style; Psyclon nine for the song “All Your Nightmares… Are Real!” because i like so much the sound of this band, is very dark and much rhythmics; Seelennacht for the song “Clock Tower” because I love the style of his voice and the alternation of futuristic sounds. For the songs” The Wings of Icaro, The War Of The Valkyries and Cultos Asmodeus” the influences are orschestral and symphonic why i’ve idea of create something different from the usual. In Song Biological Pharmacode I tried to take a little dance with the years 80/90 influencing industrial ebm for now. The song “The Tormentum of the Dark Carnival Creation” is a very dark and creepy song for the sound and lyric and the voice style is theatrical. “Angeles Del Apocalipsis” resume hardcore music with influence of ebm music and the final song “The Redemption” It is in the classical style of industrial.

4. “The War Of The Valkyries” has a special chapters, so explain about it?
Yes, I’ve divided the CD1 in five chapters to understand my interests concerning my personal culture. The first chapter speak about greek and norse mythology and it refers to Icarus and the angels of the soldiers, or the Valkyries. The second chapter speak about “Demonology” and I’m referring to the demon of atrocity ASmodeus and Azazel the demon of justice and Apollion the demon of destruction. The third chapter “Dementia” speak about fear, subconscious, suicide, consciousness, double personality and nightmares. The fourth chapter “The Seal Of Time” speak about past, present, future, life, death, memory and decline of human; the song “The End Of Human Time” speak about the years spent fighting several wars to demonstrate intelligence when in fact we have demonstrated only ignorance trying to show us evolved knowing that inside we are still animals, and keep repeating the same mistakes from generation to generation; Biological Pharmacode speak about the death of Jesus Christ and of the mystery that lurks behind the saint grail and as scientists and archaeologists have developed a medicine in the form of drug to become immortal to get the powers of Christ and reveal the enigma since the church in mind continuation. In my representation of the Saint Grail it is not a chalice but rather a brotherhood of the successors of Christ. The final chapter “The Redemption of Angels” speak about the horsemen of the Apocalypse trying to redeem sinners and give him a second chance of life on earth by the hand of god.

5. About the bonus tracks in your album, how do you select the bands?
I’ve selected this bands because I like so much their work and their songs, the remixes are six facts in different parts
of the world: “Germany, Finland, Italy, Russia and Mexico” and are different style as: “Harsh/ Dark Electro/ Aggrotech/ IDM and Terror EBM”. I discovered these bands via youtube and soundcloud and have contact via facebook to ask if they wanted to participate in my album and finding the striking idea, accepted.

6. What’s means a remix for you?
A remix for me is a restayling of the original song in a new version in the style of the band performing the remix and I really like to see how other people work and what styles they use.

7. Can you say anything about the scene in your country?
Yes, the scene of ebm in my country It is not well known and it is played in a few local and most people do not know this kind, which is sad because in my opinion it is a genre that is known more thoroughly and made known to more people in order to break the usual monotony of musical genres.

8. What’s coming for the band in the future?
For the moment I don’t know but I’m renewing all the training to get good quality and a good teamwork with a new sound to make an album certainly of superb quality.

9. What do you expect with this release?
I hope that this album likes to many peoples because is varied and the songs are very different one from the other and i hope to attract the attention of a good public.

10. About the cover of your album “The War Of The Valkyries” what that means?
The Clock Tower is the Big Bang of London and is the most famous tower and it represents the past, present and future. The clock is the perfect representation of life flowing and you have to live life every day as if there were no tomorrow. The Wings represented the Valkyries and freedom and finally the sword represented the war, justice and revenge.

11. Thanks and finally some words for the readers!
Thank you too.
Guys embrace your dreams and believe in yourself and in what you do!!!

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