Electrogenic (Interview)



The project started in Milan , Italy in 2014 and just released the first album “Double Exposure” on May,29 2015 precided by the video “Game Over”.
The duo is composed by Stefan (Stefano Lugo) and LaCrisi (Cristina Corti).

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1. Please, Tells us a little about Electrogenic and how do you define your music?

The band formed in the beginning of 2014 in Milan,Italy. The duo is composed by Stefan (Stefano Lugo) and LaCrisi (Cristina Corti). We work together on every aspect of the production of the songs, from writing to arrangements to melodies and singing, creating a sound that lands across the borders of electropop and synthpop.


2. How did you decide to start the band?

S/C – We always had our own projects and keep on joking about making a band together, but never found the time to do it. One day we decided it was time to stop kidding and try to do it for real. Now here we are one year and a half later, with an album out, two videos and opening for IAMX next month in Milan.

3- Which are the equipment that you use?



We use a mix of hardware and software synths. We don’t think too much about which piece of gear to use, analog, digital, vst, until it gives us the sound we are looking for. On stage we use a Novation Nova II and a Korg MS2000.



4. Could you tell us about your influences , bands and genres?

S: I listen to a lot of different stuffs, form Celdweller to Marsheaux, from The Cure to Fortaste.
I think the band that means more to me is Duran Duran, while my favourite is The Birthday Massacre.

C: Ladytron. Robots in disguise, Client, Depeche Mode ,New Order . More in general darkwave and post punk.

5. About you, both are musicians. Do you have any different project?

S: Yes, I also am a member of The Shade, a synthwave italian duo. Check us out!!!

C: I play guitar in the italian new wave band called Stardom.

6. Have you ever think to be part of any label?

We surely do and actually are in the process of finding one.

7. What means for you “Double Exposure”?

To us it represent the beginning of our musical journey together.

8. How can you explain the lyrics of “Double Exposure”?

S – I like lyrics that are not too direct, where people can find the meaning they want and recognize their own experience and feelings in the song. Sometimes we work together on lyrics and things comes out in a sort of “brainstorming” way, other songs have lyrics that has been written only by one of us and are more emotional, personal.

C – it is very important that people recognize their own experience in our songs.

9. How do you choose “Game Over” as a single?

C – Game over was the first song to be completed and we immediatly decided to make a vide for it, so naturally it was chosen as the first single.

10. What can people see, if they decide to go to a Electrogenic live show?

S/C : A vibrant, evocative and energic performance!


11. About your new video “Skills” What we can see on it? How did you do it?

S : As for our other video “Game Over”, we made it all by ourselves which ,believe me, it’s a VERY hard work.
We wanted this one to be color-flooded, eye catching, something a little more “pop” looking.

12. Would you like to share with us, what’s coming for Electrogenic?

C : We are currently working on a Mesh cover for an upcoming tribute-compilation, more live show, a new video .
And we are already putting the basics for the next album.

S: And next month we are opening for IAMX in Milan. Did I already say that ?? 🙂 🙂

13. Lately, Thanks for answer and the space below is yours!

Thank you for this interview! We were very glad to do it and hope to hear from you again very soon! Bye!






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