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Electrogenic (Interview)



The project started in Milan , Italy in 2014 and just released the first album “Double Exposure” on May,29 2015 precided by the video “Game Over”.
The duo is composed by Stefan (Stefano Lugo) and LaCrisi (Cristina Corti).

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BLEEDING CORP. (Interview)

1451314_626391004070677_807808139_nBLEEDING CORP. Born in 2011, in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador; formed by DAE (vocals / programming), STEREAN (Dj / Keyboards); This year they released the first digital demo “Out of Control” with which they had national and international support. This allowed their first show in Quito; in 2012 they released the first official EP called “Capitol Drunk” through the American label Engraved Ritual and perform the video recording of the song “I Can’t Get Control” and participated in several compilations and remixes for bands of American, European and Latin scene; plus a series of concerts in which they’ve participated including the first outlet show in 2013 to play at the “Gods of Elektro Fest” in Lima – Peru and the incursion to the band to DISTORD (guitars) .
The debut album “Infected Sound” included guitars and a more varied style ranges from electro to industrial metal, so it’s available for streaming in bandcamp, itunes, spotify, Google Play, etc
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