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Diverje – The Grand Betrayal

diverje - the grand betrayal

The new album from Diverje, “The Grand Betrayal”, is in your face with a sharp knife from start to finish. At times I was reminded of themes and aggression similar to some of the more harsh Ministry like “Thieves and Liars” and other times being gently transported to amazing sci-fi soundscapes. Diverje uses samples from films like the very underrated, “Rampage 2: Capital Punishment”, (which goes to say, great minds think alike as I also sampled from this movie), which helps to further the message Diverje has been drilling us for years. This album is a wonderful achievement for Diverje and absolutely music to my fears. Creative, diverse, and with a middle finger to a broken society. You can get your copy from DSBP Records now!

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Review by: Justin Thiele